Who We Are

At Dr. Wilson J Kwong, 
we promise you…

Dental experts who really care

Many of our patients tell us that prior to coming to see Dr. Wilson J Kwong, dental visits were not always a favourite way to spend their time! Our team respects your vulnerability, and we also know that you value your oral health, so we have created a safe and seamless experience with treatment plans designed just for you.

A safe and comfortable experience — start-to-finish

From the moment you reach our reassuring voices on the phone, to your first step inside our luxury lounge, we will provide you with exceptional care so that you feel safe, special and at ease!

Your experience includes:

  • The highest standards of expert dental training, talent and care
  • Impeccable standards of safety and hygiene
  • Health monitoring during each treatment
  • Private treatment rooms with state-of-the-art technology and extreme comfort, including overhead audiovisual entertainment
  • Safe sedation with fast recovery
  • Real-time diagnostic imaging
  • Administrative filing support for dental insurance claims
  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • Your digital dental records (available to you upon request)
  • Free parking and easy access by Skytrain
  • Hot and cold beverages, and free Wi-Fi service in our lounge

Education every step of the way

Every one of our dental experts is trained to educate you about your oral health. Each stage of life presents new challenges and we will help you to plan conservative and timely treatment options every step of the way. Every visit you will receive a personal consultation about your treatment progress, including visual interpretation of digital photos. Your digital photos will provide you with a clear record of your progress, treatment choices and the science behind them.

Your information belongs to you

Your dental records are private and secure, and they belong to you. We assure you that your digital information will be accessible to you upon your request — anytime, anywhere.

We are fair, transparent and guaranteed

Once we have agreed on your treatment options, we will establish fair and firm estimates for time and costs to help you reach your goals without any delays or surprises. We will also provide you with our profession’s best, written warranty for added peace of mind that our work is fully endorsed and designed to last.