From TMJ to 100% Pain Free

Jan 20, 2016

As a dentist, I strive to do whatever I can to help people smile confidently and relieve them from pain. Thank you, Kelley, for trusting my team and me through your journey to recovery. Kelley was happy to share her story and experience about her treatment at our office.

"I was in a motor vehicle accident in which I dislocated the right side of my jaw and injured several discs in the upper part of my neck. For four and a half years I experienced continuous headaches, neck pain, and extreme discomfort in my jaw (TMJ). The only relief I found for my injuries was to take prescribed pain medication on a daily basis. My quality of life was very low because of this, and even minor daily tasks were challenging to accomplish.

I met with Dr. Kwong in October. At that time he thoroughly explained his treatment plan for me using a mouth orthotic. I honestly had never heard of a mouth orthotic before and had many questions on its application. Dr. Kwong very patiently answered all my queries and in November I started my treatment.

Almost immediately upon using the orthotic, I felt the position/placement of my jaw change. I felt less "pressure" in my mouth and my jaw pain dramatically lessened. My headaches also started to ease in their severity and my neck pain began to subside. As my headaches had been quite debilitating, my quality of life improved enormously.

Over the next few months, the pain I felt for so long diminished and finally stopped completely. It was like I woke up and the day was brighter. TO me this was nothing short of miraculous.

Dr. Kwong's treatment plan was 100% successful. My life is back to normal and Dr. Kwong has my eternal thanks."

- Kelley