The Global Symposium

Sep 17, 2015

I'm on the Canada Line (by the way, so lucky for us in Oakridge to have this convenience!) on my way to the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium where I'm going to learn how to better treat my patients who are suffering with painful dentures. You see, my own father had dentures which hurt him and I know he always felt insecure because they were always loose and never looked that great.

The Global Symposium sponsored by Nobel Biocare (the world’s leader in dental implants) brings together world leaders in the dental implant world and some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on restoring the crippled mouth. I'm going to learn a ton!

I'll be learning how to work with the best materials and design the most amazing life-like fixed dental solutions so my patients can have the best for themselves. It’s so exciting right now to be a dentist because the dreams I had beginning as a dentist in 1989, are now coming true. Like being able to give a patient a set of teeth that doesn’t have to be removed, comfortable, and beautiful- All in one day and have them eat a proper meal that night! It’s an amazing time.

- Dr. Wilson Kwong