Vancouver View Column

Feb 01, 2010

I have worn dentures for most of my life and I am hearing from friends that I can now have an implant denture that will provide a better and more secure fit. Can you please tell me what’s involved?

My own father wore upper and lower dentures, and as a child, I always thought it was funny to see him without his teeth. I also remember that he was always complaining about the looseness of his teeth. During meals, the sound of him chewing and the click-clacking of his false teeth told me something just wasn’t right.

The introduction of implants 30 years ago changed everything for denture wearers! No longer do patients have to endure what my father experienced, as implants have changed the lives of many people by relieving them of their loose or uncomfortable dentures.

Most people are concerned about the possible pain associated with implant surgery, but the majority of patients report little or no pain, and any discomfort they do experience can be easily controlled with mild analgesics like Advil or Tylenol.

If you are a candidate for implant-supported dentures, then your dentist will place the implants, allowing a few months for osseointegration, or “fusing” of the bone to the implant. The newer systems use computer-aided design and titanium materials as the scaffolding for the denture/implant interface. The actual teeth are made of plastic or porcelain, giving you a great look and natural feel. The fit and finish is superb and because it is so light, it feels very natural to the wearer.

My father is no longer alive but if he were, he would be 85 years old today. If he were healthy enough to accept implants, I would not hesitate to give him an implant-supported denture. The procedure is simple and in as little as a few months, his mouth would be transformed to one that is fully functional, allowing him to eat whatever he wanted. This would have vastly improved his quality of life and enjoyment of food.

Ask your dentist about implants today and see how he or she can help you get out of those loose dentures. In the meantime, keep smiling!