"You are never too old to smile!

When I retired to Vancouver, I needed a new dentist. Dr. Jolly Ma was recommended to me and when I met her and her staff at the dental clinic, I knew I had made an excellent choice. The regular dental care I have received and continue to receive is top notch. I actually look forward to going for my checkups and cleaning.

For several years, one of my front teeth had been yellowing and all my front teeth were irregular. Since Dr. Ma's clinic specializes in Transformational Dentistry, I asked her what could be done to improve my front teeth. Dr. Ma spent a great deal of time analyzing my mouth and giving me her professional advice. I wanted my new look to be natural but with straighter white teeth--which I thought was a tall order given my own teeth!

Dr. Ma and Seiji (master ceramist) took infinite pains to ensure that I was satisfied with my new look, and that the enamel colour complemented my other teeth. The final result truly exceeds what I thought I could reasonably hope for. My new teeth look as if I have always had these lovely teeth. The transformation is unbelievable.

I firmly believe that I would not have my natural looking smile without the expertise of the amazing Dr. Ma and her staff. Now I can smile with abandon!

Thank you, Dr. Ma!"

- Morag