“For over a year, I had been suffering from terrible jaw, neck and face pain. It had been suggested that I was suffering form TMJ syndrome …I happened to read [Dr. Kwong’s] brochure on neuromuscular dentistry while visiting a friend, who is his patient. …Dr. Kwong and his team of health professionals, from the front desk to the clinical area, were wonderful to me. They were immediately understanding and sympathetic and Dr. Kwong was the first person to give me hope. His approach was to explain everything to me and show me the science behind my problem. …[Dr. Kwong] was always most sympathetic, warm and had a great sense of humour. These qualities helped me to relax and feel better with each visit. There was a great deal to undergo, but Dr. Kwong and his incredibly knowledgeable and personable assistants always encouraged me and helped me through. …Although it took almost a year of various treatments, I am beginning to find relief from the terrible chronic pain. Thanks to all of you for your medical/dental expertise and your unfailing kindness and understanding.”

- Cynthia